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Podiatry Expert Witness

The title Podiatrist means “foot physician” –
(podos = foot & iatros = physician)

Podiatric Medicine is a field of healthcare devoted to the study and treatment of foot, ankle, knee, hip and lower back or lower extremity medicine. It now ranges from nail surgery to musculoskeletal and sporting injuries, and the non-surgical management of the lower extremity.

To become a Podiatrist and legally practise Podiatry in the UK, a podiatrist must complete a 3-4 year full-time BSc degree in Podiatry or Podiatric Medicine from a recognised university, thereafter further study is required for specialisation. It is compulsory and law for the Podiatrist to continue their studies during the lifetime of practise. The Podiatrist’s role is to help prevent, correct and maintain normal mobility, foot and lower extremity function and to relieve painful foot conditions.

Did you know?

Knee, back, hip, leg length discrepancy, arthritic pain, indigestion, headache and stress can all be traced back to problems with the foot and are common among all ages and in particular older adults where symptoms can lead to severe pain, disability and reduced mobility and consequently reduced health. It is true to say that the ability to walk comfortably and without pain is a key part of successful ageing.

Our feet often do much more work than any other part of the body, which is why it is important we take good care of them. Most people neglect to their feet – they are hidden away in our shoes – or are simply unaware of foot or leg problems that may be the cause of other more painful or serious conditions that in the future may require surgery to fix. It is vitally important therefore to give our feet regular and proper check-ups in the same way in which we treat the rest of our bodies.


Remember, “your feet are the foundations of your body,” they support the weight and the alignment of your entire body.

Consider having regular check-ups and professional advice from a Podiatrist.

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