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Mr. Stephen J Kite BSc Podiatric Medicine DipPodMed MChS
HPCP Registered Podiatrist & Podiatrist Expert Witness

"The structure of your feet and how you stand and walk on them are the foundations of your body"

Podiatrist & Podiatric Expert Witness Stephen Kite BSc (Podiatric Medicine) started practising in private practice Podiatry in 1987. His first private practice was based in Torquay, Devon and is the founder of The Stephen Kite Practice based in Dorset. He qualified in 1986 and has continued his professional development for over twenty-five years. As well as general Podiatry matters he prescribes fully functional prescription orthotics that can help realign the body naturally, and can often solve problems that can occur as a result of an abnormal walking gait. "The Greek word "Gait" means the mannerism of walking, “Orthotic” comes from the Greek word meaning straight". For example, the rolling over of the feet and excess pronation can cause the lower leg to rotate internally, potentially causing ankle, knee, hip and back problems. Prescription orthotics help to hold the foot in a more “neutral” straightened position and are specific to the needs of each individual patient thus helping to prevent abnormal wear and tear and thus avoiding drastic foot surgery and it's possible complications.

Stephen Kite has treated many from the world of show business & sports over 25 years and he is an Expert Witness in Podiatric Medicine and a contributor to National Press. He has a Diploma in Podiatric Medicine, a Bachelor of Science degree in Podiatric Medicine from New College (Durham), and The University of Sunderland, England. He has a Certificate of Local Anaesthesia and Nail Surgery for Podiatrists from Glasgow Caledonian University.

Stephen Kite has extensive experience in Podiatry Medico Legal matters and is sought after for regular Medico-Legal cases and Podiatry Medico-Legal reporting combining both Forensic Cases and Podiatric Expert Witness work from UK and abroad. He has been involved in identifying suspects from CCTV footage for the defense in Criminal Cases using Gait Analysis and is one of only a small group of Forensic Podiatrists Worldwide who have used this new method of identification of suspects. He has been influential in some very complex medico - legal expert cases for the defence and prosecution and has also been sought after to provide and review evidence for the defense involving The Health & Care Professions Council, the regulatory body for Podiatrists in the UK. He has acted as the Expert to a National Health Service Health Boards in cases of negligence, malpractice and cases involving NHS whistleblowing and has been invited to talk about and demonstrate Forensic Podiatry methods on BBC1 TV.

Professional Memberships: Member of The Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists Number 30134, Health & Care Professions Council Number CH18754, Member of APIL registers of expert witnesses (The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers Expert Witness), The Society of Chiropodists & Podiatrists Expert Witness list Member.

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