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Professional Podiatry Fees


New Patient Assessment (45 mins) £69.00
Podiatry Treatment (30 mins) £59.00
Refurbish of Prescription Orthotics £240.00
Biomechanical Examination (45 mins) £175.00
Prescription Orthotics One Pair – £420.00
2nd Pair – £690
3rd Pair – £890

Our terms: With increased costs of new regulations regarding compulsory ongoing training and proper waste disposal and sterilization, it has become increasingly expensive to practice Podiatric Medicine. Therefore we have had to set fees accordingly.

Please note : Payments should be made upon treatment / consultation otherwise treatment stopped until arrears cleared. There is a £25.00 administration fee added to arrears after 7 days of non payment. Medico-Legal cases are required to pay accounts no later than 15 days upon receipt.

Prescription Orthotics / Refurbishments patients are requested to pay fees on the day of casting / Refurbishment. A Biomechanical examination fee is required before the orthotics prescription therefore the fees for orthotics are the cost of the orthotics plus the biomechanical examination fees added together.

We are unable to cancel orthotic orders or offer a refund due to the costs involved in the manufacturing of the orthotics. Orthotics are specific to each patient and therefore can not be resold or reused. Upon payment of the orthotic fees and on the day of casting you are accepting our terms. It is important you ask any questions on the day of casting. It is also expected that patients adhere to the Podiatrists advice regarding suitable footwear that the orthotics can be used.

There is a £15.00 fee for house calls over 10 miles from our clinic location. Treatments at our consulting rooms and house calls may be accepted under your medical insurance policy if you have one, and if it includes Chiropody & Podiatry treatments. Please check with your insurance company. The Stephen Kite Practice only uses single use instruments for your protection.
It is against the law for so called Foothealth professionals / Practitioners to imply they are Podiatrists or Chiropodists as they are not registered by the Health Professions Council (HCPC).

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